PLE Reports for Odoo

a service from OPeru APPS

Information we collect

The information we collect is directly provided by our customers when they use our service. This information includes the identifier of the Odoo IAP account and the account move data from an specific range of dates.

Other information such as the company name, the company VAT number and his email will be saved temporary on the Cloudservice Server.

How we use this information

The information that we collect, the accounting data (joournal entries) are parsed and analyzed to return structured data to the user in the following format: TXT and XLS.  
The accounting data is not stored in the Cloudservice. Other information like company name, company VAT number and user email are only used to identify the customer in the PLE Report Servie.

Service Providers

OPeru APPS is the only service Provider for the PLE Report Service and the Applications are hosted on the server from Grupo Odoo SAC in United States.

Data Retention

The customer’s Identifier is stored on the server indefinitely. Other data as mentioned above that traverses through our system is logged temporarily for a duration of 90 days for the purpose of troubleshooting

Transfer of Data

Data is hosted on our server which is located in United State